Hey OK so I have moved my old posts over here from a previous WordPress Blog as well as included in my profile a link to my old Blogspot Blog which is very dated at the moment….but its there if you want to check it out.

Some of my posts so far have covered things which are already over and done with, but  I wanted to include them in case any of my readers wanted to go back and see what I had been writing a while back.

Lots going on, I am starting at least one … possibly 2 youtube channels in addition to this Blog as well as getting back into writing reviews on Amazon.com.

Lots going on in the world, both here and abroad….many topics and discussions will follow!  Thanks for letting me set the stage for the next chapter of the Blog……I will actually be writing in it this time instead of posting in it once every few years!  It was quite a bit of work going through all the old information and now I am really looking forward to writing some new content.
Thanks and see you soon!