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Hello World

Hello all, as you can see the Blog is titled “Soulcatibur” or I hope you can see it! I like cats in case you did not get that from the title, as well as yes Soul Calibur. However, I don’t plan to make this blog ONLY about those 2 particular subjects though of course the genesis of the blog is from some thoughts I had about Soul Calibur games. I started by making a post on a *Namco Bandai’s (*the software manufacturer of Soul Calibur V) website in one of the forums.

The website can be found here:
I live in North America, so if you are going to the site for the first time, you would select your country or territory for the correct language and so on. You can also change the location in the upper right corner of the screen (I prefer Google Chrome as my browser, but this should be the same on IE and Firefox as well).
Then the following in order to get to my post:

So when I made that post (which you can also read directly here on the blog without going to the website if you wish) I was perplexed as to why this character and that one was left out. Talk about a W T F moment! One may say why such harsh language in regards to me using W T F and I would agree, though it really felt like that to me when I found out some of the omissions with the game! However, I will say overall the game is a step up from Soul Calibur IV though there are some differences……however this post is not a review so for now let’s move on.

Well that was a couple days ago as of me writing this post,it’s now Monday July 16th,2012.

Anyways, so I was inspired to create a blog initially to show more people my post on the Namco Bandai board. However I have since thought that I could also write about other items of interest not just limiting the blog to only Soul Calibur and Cats. Of course this is and will continue to be an outlet for things concerning and relating to Soul Calibur. I am not an expert, just a fan that has become frustrated at times with not finding information about Soul Calibur games that I wanted or thoughts I had not even addressed….hence the blog. I will post more on some of that in another post…….

While I have yet to test any of the CAS (Create A Soul) formulas in character creation, I will be doing so and posting my thoughts under the posts of the CAS as I have been able to test each. I know in Soul Calibur V thus far a lot of items you have to purchase online in the PS store or Xbox live as compared to Soul Calibur IV you would EVENTUALLY be able to unlock almost all of the items other than a couple of DLC packs that were released for purchase. So hopefully these CAS formulas I find along the way all over the internet will work as intended without having to have purchased the different packs or I will try to find out what is needed to complete them,etc. So far I have only found one CAS formula that I posted for one of my favorite charachters, Seong Mina (which I also see spelled Seung Mina).

More to come, I welcome all comments, suggestions, etc …. if you disagree or dislike anything I say as well, that’s fine too just please try to explain what you don’t like or why you disagree and so on.

Thank you for reading,


********Update 01/28/15, my PSN is still soulcalibur815.  I have Soul Calibur 4, 5, and Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate.  I hope to get an Xbox One when I can (so I can play a relative online who lives in another state) but I am enjoying my PS3 as much as I can now and for quite some time to come.  Also, I don’t know if there will ever be another disc-based Soul Calibur console game……any info on that would be appreciated!  Thanks.********