***Originally published on my former blog on:
meowcallate 11:26 pm on August 19, 2012 ***

Hello all, sorry I have not made a new post recently. As of late, I have not received many comments so I am not sure if a lot of people are even reading my blog. However while yes it would be great to get more comments whether they be positive or negative or possibly see more of the blog elsewhere on the net ….. though the main reason I started this blog was to kind of think out loud. To put my thoughts about the Soul series into a visual medium. To hopefully sound off if you will about Soul Calibur 5 and let Namco know what a lot of fans thought about the most recent installment (as well as ideas on how to make Soul calibur 6 better). While I have not had as much time for the blog lately due to personal reasons, I do try to check regularly for comments. Please continue to read and comment if you can. I will keep a check on the blog and respond to comments even if I am too busy to write a new post. Writing a post , for me, entails lots of gameplay and reading lots of information online about things from Soul Blade up to Soul Calibur 5. I just have not had the time required for that and may not have a lot of time for it over the next month or two. I will post more as soon as I can, though at the moment I am extremely busy…..just wanted to let everyone know I did not forget about nor give up on this blog! As the saying goes……”The Legend Will Never Die”.