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meowcallate 1:56 pm on February 17, 2013 ***


I have not been able to play much Soul Calibur lately, I have been more focused on Madden 13 – though I have NOT forgotten Soul Calibur. I did over the last few months spend some time trying to find out any information on why there where was so little information about the decisions made with SCV. Not only did I not find anything other than stuff like “Well the story is in the future, this character fits & that one does not” – I could not find out anything on the future of the Soul Calibur series.

Perhaps Namco may sell the rights to a Videogame Company (or software co, whatever the proper term is) that is more capable of doing the series justice? Bungie possibly?

Nintendo? Well Nintendo would be an Odd choice, though they are now more of a Software company anyways than a Hardware company if you think about it right? I mean sure Nintendo will likely always be around producing lower cost consoles, if nothing else for those that cannot afford the Xboxes and Playstations of the future. A game like this would give Nintendo a chance to expand, though it is very unlikely you will ever see Nintendo making games for the other guys unless their consoles stop selling at some point and they have no choice (if they want to continue on in that case).

I am glad that I did get SCV for the PS3, it is in some ways truly groundbreaking for the series. However, the inclusion of some of the newer characters such as ZWEI while excluding others such as Seong Mina (or Seung Mina as I have also seen it spelled) was nothing short of bizarre on a good day and utterly thoughtless on a bad day.

While the graphics were overall a HUGE step in the right direction, the game itself feels far too much like a “Tekken” game. Tekken has been what some would say a great series for its own reasons – BUT I always loved the Soul series more for its faster pace and more realistic game play feel as compared to Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and various other fighting games.

Some of the new DLC in SCV was amazing, though they should have also possibly made a more deluxe version of the game available so you could start out with all of the DLC instead of the AL LA CARTE format initially offered.

I am not a programmer, and I know little more than basic computer terminology. However as a fan of the series going back to Soul Blade on the PS1, I have seen the many changes the series has gone through over the years and may even have an insight that was lacking with some of the people who actually made SCV.