After asking several people I know their thoughts on when the next Xbox will be released, the general consensus seems to be in time for Christmas 2013.  No they are not in the videogame industry and nor do they have an  interest one way or another besides they want to play the new console, but I have always gotten excellent information from them regarding gaming that has always been correct.  So, given that we should know for sure when E3 hits were the new consoles stand as far as a firm release date goes and hopefully soon after Gamestop, and other retailers will announce their Pre-Order information.   Personally I am still thinking we may be looking at the Xbox next year, even though its almost a sure thing the PS4 will arrive this year.  However you never know until you actually see the systems in stores right?  Or see them flying off of the shelves and people getting robbed,etc… was the case with the launch of the PS3 which was a joke for Sony.  I cannot say I would bank on a 2014 release for the next Xbox, but I think Microsoft may delay the release so as to ensure they have not just a good console with all the major bugs worked out – but also enough of the console manufactured to meet at least part of what is going to be an insane demand at launch.  Sony on the other hand, will release the PS4 this year for sure and to hell with the consequences even if they run the risk of having a far worse launch than with the PS3.  Now to fair to Sony, yes they did at least make some more PS3 consoles available to consumers in time for Christmas 2006…..however the initial launch and the first few weeks after were a textbook and gold standard for HOW NO TO LAUNCH A NEW GAMING CONSOLE.  Nintendo may have released the Wii U to lackluster demand if that – though I have not heard anything negative at all in relation to Nintendo not having made enough consoles for anyone who wants to buy one.  Of course its not an entirely new console either, and its overpriced for what it does at $350.00 USD.  I say its not new, even though yes it is, because its really just a beefed up Wii.  Why did they not make a whole new system?  And the price point, they just don’t get it do they?  It should have been $249.99 tops……maybe $299.99 at the high end – but $349.99?  Nintendo does indeed earn a WTF for that one!

Now I would not mind a Wii U myself sometime in the future, but not at the current price and not now!  I am waiting to get one of the next Xboxes, whether its at launch or sometime after launch.

One other thing I have NOT heard anything about and I would love to know – is what is the deal with the reliability of the next Xbox console?

Will these next Xboxes have the same failure rates as the first Xbox 360s?  Personally I plan to get a warranty when I do get mine, just in case and from say Best Buy or another retailer that honors warranties with no hassle.  However, if Microsoft has any brains whatsoever then they will have learned from the 360 Fiasco and make a far more reliable console with the Xbox 720 (or whatever the decide to call it).  FYI, in the movie “Real Steel” there is a sponsor sign in one of the combat arenas that clearly says “XBOX720″……….just a tidbit for ya.