So what is the deal with Sony?  Some employees or executives, or some in some way associated with the company, have seemed to have given up.  I could be wrong, but what the hell?  I think the statement I read in reference to the companies vision for the next Console (now confirmed for sometime in 2013) at least in part contained something to the effect of “….only Hardcore Gamers will get it” – meaning if you are not a Hardcore gamer then you may not be the target audience for the PS4.  OK, so yes it could also be said that Xbox did this with the first Xbox.  True dat.  However, what does that do?  Yeah you have a cool machine and that’s great.  However while I do not regret buying one of those $600.00 PS3s back in 2007, I would rather not pay that much for a console ever again.  I was caught up in the hype, and hype it was!  It was at the time – hype that actually delivered.   In the USA anyways, there was the $600.00 60 GB and the not so great $500.00 20 GB console released in 2006 (I mentioned 2007 above as I did not get the PS3 at launch).  I remember that there were some problems with the 20GB model, a higher than expected amount of console failures and such.  However for the most part, to 60GB original launch PS3 was a great console!

However, as time went on Sony was trapped.  The things that made the PS3 great were actually making it $600.00!  I have heard some viewpoints, that Sony had basically put a Playstation 2 inside of the PS3 – hence the backwards compatibility as well as the High Price.  So, after a while Sony had to come down on price, in an effort to move more consoles as well as attract new customers.  Was it worth it?  Time will truly tell.  I now have a PS3 Slim, and if I really want to play those PS2 games again – I can always find a good used Fat PS2.  The Slim PS2 was a JOKE!

But alas, I am trying to write about as I come to terms with what the reality of the next generation of Consoles is at the moment as well as what it will actually be when said consoles are released.

While yes I love my PS3, I am personally leaning towards saving my money now so that I can buy one of the next Xboxes in 2014.  If the PS4 is truly all Sony is jabbing about, who knows?  I may get a good used one in several years, though I doubt it.  I mean, even if I could afford both consoles at launch – there is only so much time I can play games in a day!  Not just because I am married and I work, I also like to read, we have cats, I love movies, etc,etc,etc.  So it’s not as important to me anymore to have every console out there since I can only play one at a time!  There are really only a few games I care about, and I love to play THOSE few select games again and again and again and yes again.  Some of those games are Madden, Soul Calibur, Fifa, Mario Kart Wii.  In the cases of Soul Calibur, Madden and Fifa I feel that the next Xbox is by far going to offer me the bext game experience, hence my personal choice to wait for the next Xbox.

If you are a diehard Playstation fan, that’s fine.  I can further expand on my thoughts and how I reached my decision.

Why did I not just get an Xbox 360 and I instead recently bought a PS3 slim?  Well in the past I also had Xbox 360s and having owned both I liked the PS3 better and feel good about the decision I have made.  I love the fact that my PS3 also plays Blurays.  I have always been more into playing offline than online, so I was not considering the online game play experience as much when I bought my PS3 slim (or my wife bought it as I get reminded sometimes).  I like how you can browse the web on the PS3; it’s nice to look at websites sometimes on my PS3 instead of going into the other room or having to bring my laptop into the room I am in at the time.  There is a LOT I love about the PS3, however now we will skip the good and the bad…..and go straight to the ugly.

The PS3 network has been an abysmal failure on a very good day, and not worthy of even being spoken about on a bad day.  Having said that, even with the next Xbox I will mainly be playing games offline – BUT – there have been a few times when a better network would have been more desirable.  I am not a computer geek or nerd, I do not want to have to spend hours to get my PS3 humming on the PSN (Playstation Network) – it should just work.  Yes the network is free; though I have my doubts even if and probably when Sony does eventually start charging to use the PSN that they will ever get it right.  I have considered becoming a Playstation Network Plus member, but I see no point in paying for the network when the free version of the network is so bad.  Why does the PS3 not have HBO Go?  Why does the Amazon Instant Video on the PS3 suck so badly?  I rented a movie, and it stopped at least 10 times!  I hate to use bad language in my posts, but talk about a major WTF!

Ok so on the other side of the coin, what do we REALLY know about the next Xbox?  I can sure with a lot of confidence we will not see it this year.  I mean, yes I am no expert here – nor am I preaching to an imaginary choir.  I am just another person looking for answers to all of these questions and concerns, and making the best attempt I can to fins those answers ….. At a time when the internet is chock full of opinions and speculations about the subject.  Yes, I suppose my posts could be viewed as such too.  However, I am only voicing my concerns and hoping to find answers which are far more than over 99% of what I have read on these topics even attempt to ever do.

The next Xbox may have run into production problems, something about a crucial part not being up to specs as well as unforeseen delays with the actual manufacturing of the part to begin with.

I however think this a good thing in a way.  I think Microsoft has learned a lot from the insane amount of ROD (Ring Of Death) failures with the early models of the Xbox 360 consoles.  I feel that Microsoft will fix the problem as well as be damn sure they have a reliable and great machine and then put the final product into production.

Also, it takes a lot of pressure of Microsoft and puts that pressure on Sony.  I would love to see the new Xbox come out in 2014 on the day that year’s Madden NFL game is released.  Though its likely you will see a release closer to the Holiday shopping season – but also if the console came out earlier Microsoft could (in the event of an overwhelming consumer demand) have enough consoles ready for stores by the Holidays if they were to release the console even in August 2014.

There is so much more to say and write about this topic!  I know a lot of people out there will disagree with what I have to say – and that is fine.  Just let me know what you think!