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Hello To Meh

I have not written on here in quite some time.   Why?  Well in part I had really wanted to focus on creating You tube videos which I have also become lax on as of late.   The main problem with the You tube videos though was I was having trouble with being able to make the videos I wanted and not go over our Isp’s Band with allotment which is currently 350GB a month.  Now that is quite a bit, but when you factor in watching you tube and anime online along with all the other streaming we do – its not quite so much after all.

Yes I did check on what the next package up is with out Provider (Mediacom) and its 999 GB…….but for another $80.00!   What the hell?

So I am still going to be posting on you tube, but not as often and who knows when until I can learn some more about and use some of the free data compression software as well as any free video editing tools I can get my hands on.  I do not have a Smart Phone with unlimited Data, that would be the next choice….or perhaps going to the library or somewhere just to upload my videos.

So many other things going on!  Video games are a hot mess now, maybe more than they have ever been.  I myself got an Xbox One in back in December and less than a year later they have the Xbox One S!  Personally though I was not very impressed and have not and will not be purchasing an Xbox One S……nor a Scorpio.  I am going to play the shit out of my Xbox One and when the 2nd or 3rd upgrade to whatever is after the Scorpio comes out (late in the next gen possibly)  then possibly get another Xbox.  Of course that’s just me…..and that is not even taking into account the 4K factor.

I do not own a 4K TV or player, but they are great pieces of technology that will only get better and cheaper as time goes on.  Also 4K gaming and eventually movies are the types of 4K content I would be looking forward too.  Unless I can in the future get 4K cable that is not streamed over the internet but comes by way of a 4k Cable Box or 4K Enabled Cable box I do not care!  I mean I do care,  but I do not care about 4K streaming due to mainly the increased amount of Band with it would require and therefore not be an affordable option for us.  I have heard about the alleged existence of “Fiber Optic” internet for many years now…..have seen many people laying the cable and so on.  However I have yet to have lived in a single place (at least during the time I have lived there / here) that really offers and “Fiber Optic” Internet Options.
If I ever could get Internet with better speeds and unlimited band with… what cost might that be?

Now where this comes back to video gaming for a moment, including the consoles out now as well as the PS Pro, Xbox Scorpio and the rumored PS5 in 2018…….they could be band with HOGS!  Maybe not, but think for a moment…..whether you have them hooked up to a 4K TV or not the updates, streaming, and Digital Downloads / Purchased may be going over your internet connection in the equivalent of 4K.  If you have a 4K TV and can afford the charges or plan, great…….but if you have a 350 GB cap like I have……what the hell can you do?

Of course there  is one caveat to ALL of this, and that is – all of this is optional…….you do not have to buy a new console every year and I never would unless I was some big you tuber and it was then in way part of the job.

There are other things people are not even mentioning too!  OK so if you do want a 4K TV, and say a PS4 Pro and a 4k UHD Blu Ray Player (the one included in the Xbox One S is not so good……you’d be better off buying a regular Xbox One and the player separate if you want an Xbox) and a surround sound…….be ready for a total upgrade!  You may need a new Surround Sound receiver to connect your 4k equipment to!

The plot thickens again!  Should you buy a “Budget” 4K TV or pay a premium for what will be a “Budget” TV within 2 -3 years?

The key word here is Google!  I am far from an expert on theses topics, I am merely sharing my thoughts and experiences.  As far as owning all the consoles go, I did that with the PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii and it was kind of cool but also it wasn’t that satisfying in the end to own all of the consoles of a generation for me.  I mean sure go for it if that is what you want to do and you can, just don’t assume every consumer is going to do the same thing.  As for the length of the console generations, there was a change (at the time anyways) with the amount of money the Xbox 360($400.00)  and more notably the $600.00 60 GB PS3 cost.  People were willing to pay more for the consoles, but they wanted to know they would be supported longer / and Spoiler Alert they were!

Much like with the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio we will overall see another lengthy console generation……


There are rumblings on the internets of the PS5 coming out the year following the Scorpio (where you would think the same year would have made more sense to be fair to consumers).  However, there are too many unknowns such as what will the Scorpio cost?  Will the PS5 (if it was to come out in 2018) be a lot more than the Scorpio?
And what in the hell do Microsoft and Sony have planned?  Will both the Scorpio and PS5 have good 4K Bluray players or simply be 4K gaming machines (the later which would be better and likely lead to a lower cost for consumers).  The Playstation Pro example, due out this year is going to have at least some (if not a lot of) true 4K gaming but no 4K Bluray player.  Compare that to the Xbox One S that says  on paper it can play 4K movies and deliver 4K gaming, which in the case of the Xbox One S are really just some cute marketing tricks used by Microsoft.

In any event, just play what you want to play.  I play my Xbox One on a 1080i TV and that’s OK.  It will probably be at least another 2 plus years before we even get a 4K TV and even then it would have to be some kind of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal (if I can find a good one).

And remember these are just the random thoughts of one random guy online…….if you have a problem with that then you have more time on your hands than I do!

Thanks for reading.



The title of this post is a question from someone in response to a video I posted on Youtube, which was not really connected to the question…….but at the same time I felt his or her pain.  If you have had Xbox Live in the last few months, you know the struggle too.  However overall I think its a great console and a lot of these growing pains go back to before the console even launched………..anyways…………………………………………

It depends. First things first, I assume that you have an Xbox Live Gold membership eh? I have not talked with anyone about anything having to do with I think its Silver (Non Gold Xbox Live Memberships).

OK well what I have done when I have had problems is:
Of course you can unplug your Modem and Router (we have a 2 in 1, so I only have to unplug one thing) and plug it back in and then when it boots back up – try again.

You can also on the Xbox One go to Settings, then Network Settings and then at the bottom left corner of the page go to ‘Alternate Mac Address’ and select ‘Clear’. You will then get a message that the Xbox One needs to restart to proceed or something like that…….so go ahead and do that and wait for the Xbox One to restart and you should be good.

Beyond that, I dunno……..not everyone has the same internet speeds….some people have slower internet even though you may have Broadband it is slower or faster than somebody. Also DSL is generally not very good or that reliable unless you have a T1 or something like that and that’s crazy money unless you are a business or some type of professional.

Now Xbox has had a LOT of problems over the last few years……much to my chagrin as I discovered this after I got my Xbox One……..BUT overall I love my Xbox One…….I guess its like the Offspring song “Self Esteem”.
The Xbox One is a GREAT console but its still catching up from the botched launch……..a lot of what they wanted it to do was rejected and people in masses bought PS4’s instead. Anyways things are looking up for the Xbox, they are selling more consoles and the network issues are fewer and fewer – but there is still a lot more to be done.

One thing that SUCKS is on the Games With Gold you have to have a CC (or Debit, whatever) on file to get the FREE Xbox 360 Games with Gold Game(s).
HOWEVER, I have never had to have an alternate form of payment on file to get the FREE Xbox One Games with Gold! So yeah sometimes its a WTF for sure no matter what….but wait there’s more…….
If you play any EA games like Madden or Fifa sometimes you get kicked offline for no reason and get an error message something to the effect of “You have been disconnected from the EA servers. Please check your connection and try again”. This really sucks if you are playing a cloud Franchise game in Madden and you are smoking the other team and “POOF” you get kicked offline in the middle of the second quarter.

Good Luck To Everyone out there!

One side note on why I am upset that you need a form of payment on file to get the free Xbox 360 games on Xbox One (per Games With Gold,provided of course you have a current active Xbox Live Gold membership)………


Xbox Games With Gold????

OK so anyone that has an Xbox and an Xbox Live membership probably knows about the “Games With Gold” program.  HOWEVER if you have an Xbox One, then wait there’s more!

OK so first of all Microsoft made a big yip-dee-doo out of their whole Backwards Compatibility program (being able to play Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One).  To Microsoft’s credit, of course in theory its a great idea.  HOWEVER (yes I just used all caps twice)  they are not telling you the whole story.

Who even knows the whole story?  I am just some random guy writing a blog, so I don’t… the reader doesn’t either……and wait for it…….
nor does Microsoft!  I know I should have given you a spoiler alert before that one, please accept my apologies.
Anyways it kinda goes like this:(Or it should anyways from what Microsoft has been promoting).
– Massive catalog of Xbox 360 games playable on the Xbox One (not that many when you take into account how many Xbox 360 game there are, and most of the games are crap anyways… far at least the vast majority of good games are not backwards compatible).
– When an Xbox 360 game is put up as part of the “Games With Gold” program – and you have an Xbox One……you CANNOT download that game to your Xbox unless you have a form of payment on file!  What the hell?

I paid for my Xbox Live membership in advance with a Pre-Paid Xbox Live card.  ANY DLC or anything I that I may get, I use a pre paid Xbox Live Gift Card.  I am NOT going to have a payment option on file when I can pay in advance……and when I am getting Xbox Live at least a year at a time in advance……..I shouldn’t have to.  I do not trust the Xbox Live Network (or the PSN) enough to give them a CC……its just crazy with how often they both get hacked for one thing!  So if I cannot download a game that is supposed to be for free and backward compatible……DO NOT TELL ME I CAN if you also require me to have a form of payment on file.  You do not need my payment information, I have already paid for Xbox Live Gold!  You have my real name and Physical address Microsoft!  Besides I can get the Games With Gold Xbox One games and I do not get a message telling me that I need to have a form of payment on file to download the game!  This is crap!  Fix it.

Of course I guess Sony would do the same?   Nintendo?

Now I have yet to obtain an allegedly Backwards Compatible Physical disc Xbox 360 Game and try to play it…….so who know?  Would it still tell me I had to have a form of payment on file even if I had the disc?

Thanks for reading!

You Tube Update ultrakat75

Thanks to everyone who has been checking out the videos so far……..I know they have been sporadic at best and the quality could be better.  I am trying to make the best videos I can and they will get better as time goes on……..thank you.

This is January 2016 and I hope I can be up to par by sometime next year……..but this is a long term get broke quick thing as one Youtuber put it.

So Pardon my Language – its not that I am creating shit content on purpose……rather the best that I can with the limited resources I have.  As my computers and things get better over time, I hope the videos will get better over time as well.  This is something I have toyed with for many years and now am finally committing to it even though yes this is a multi year endeavor even under the best possible circumstances.

Anyways I have recently developed an interest in watching a lot of Youtube videos, some from bigger studious like Vice News or IGN or whatever……..but the vast majority of cool videos I have seen online are from Youtubers who are either professional or semi-pro.  There is something different about the content I can get from various youtubers……and I want to be a part of that as well.

Now NO I am NOT saying I have the talent or that I will get to where those Youtubers are, they have busted their asses and work at it all the time…….and even then they where fortunate to make enough videos to finally have the opportunities they have.  However I am throwing my hat into the Youtube ring, and why not?  If nothing else. its something I can do to learn about how all of this works and maybe that can lead to an opportunity one day?  In any case I begin my Odyssey on Youtube and look forward to my Feedback, Subscribers…..likes on Facebook (when there is a page which will be forthcoming)……..and Twitter.

Thanks again to you all……even to the haters…….just bring it….thank you too.

In case you did not guess already, the title is of a sarcastic nature.  So yes today August the 8th is my birthday, as it often is on this day of the year.  Honestly I was glad to be off work today, however I otherwise did not really expect anything much at all to happen.  However at about (I cannot completely read the second number on the notice but the first one is indeed a 5) 12:58 am or 00:58 as written on the notice I got a bit of a surprise that kinda went like this.

So the following was what I came up with and posted on every Earlville, IL related Facebook page I could find so far.

Hey I know this is not a town page for stuff like this…..but I just got an Ordinance Violation from the town of Earlville for not having a town sticker on my car. It’s $60.00! WTF! I moved here in 2013 and NEVER got any notice of this, no wonder why so many people dislike Earlville if they pull stuff like this. I would have had the sticker had I known, how was I to have known? I always paid my insurance and kept my tags up to date and was never told by anyone I Needed any such thing. This sucks…..wish I could afford to move and whoever voted this crap in…..I plan to vote them out when there is another election……..

The Police are doing random checks, so if you do not have one of these imaginary “Town Of Earlville” stickers on your vehicle……be forewarned and ready to get a notice that says you owe $60.00 within 10 days or you will face court action.

The officer did say that the Ordinance started in 2013…… but we never once got ANY notification in the mail about any such notice. So the Police can enforce these BS notices and make you pay up ,- but they don’t seem to do anything about the people who come into Earlville and Solicit (Yes I have seen the imaginary sign on the edge of town about an alleged ordinance against soliciting.)

Wait, it gets better! Today is my 40th Birthday,,,,,,its like the Town Of Earlville made it a point to give me a personal Fyou, thanks Earlville.

(PS. I am not upset with the Police, they only do what they are told and what they have to do. However I am upset with the idiots who would create such a notice and not let every Resident know before fining them and threatening court action).

So anyways……
The officer who put the notice on my car said that the Ordinance had been in effect since 2013.  He also said that it was in today’s paper that they would be doing random checks to see if anyone did not have the town sticker on their vehicle.  I guess he meant yesterday’s paper – but how in the hell was I supposed to know that?  I never read the Earlville paper, what is in it anyways?  Its like 5-6 pages if I remember correctly……certainly not ever many more pages than that.  The officer also said that the town usually sends out these notices with the water bill.  HOWEVER – I DO NOT GET A WATER BILL!  We live in a trailer, located within a trailer park and the water and sewer are included in the amount we pay for lot rent.

The town should have sent out in the mail a notice to all Residents earlier this year or at some time prior to tonight I should have been notified of the ordinance!  I have heard several people say negative things about Earlville, and now I understand why.  Any town that does business this way is a joke!  Not the Police or Fire or EMS, they are great……but the town Administrators or whomever they may be are certainly inept on a good day.

Likely I will have to pay this $60.00 withing 10 days or face court action……so that’s a nice way of the town of Earlville saying to me “Happy 40th Birthday”!

Seriously though, I was not crazy about turning 40, but this is a BAD day for me, not like I am depressed and crying and sad bad…….but I am upset and confused (or cornfused) and really disappointed with the way the town of Earlville, IL has decided to handle this issue with the Residents.  I take particular issue for 2 reasons.  One, I was never notified!  Two, I moved to Illinois in 2013  – the year this Ordinance took effect. I had never been to IL prior to moving to IL and getting married in 2013…….so how could I possibly know about such an Ordinance without ever even being notified!

Anyways I will attempt to see if I can get out of paying the $60.00 if possible, but I will likely have to pay it anyways as it has been written and once it has been written I don’t know if the Town Clerk or Alderman can do anything.  Anyways I just wanted to share with people my experience as well as to hopefully warn other people who live in Earlville, IL that may be at risk of getting such a notice.

The only reason I was able to see and briefly speak with the officer whom had placed the notice under my Windshield Wiper blade was I saw a flash which was the officer’s lights on his vehicle.  I got up an opened the door thinking it may have been lightning as I was looking for a little bit of rain for my Trees, Hostas, and Coleus.  I’ll water the plants tomorrow, that’s all good…..and anyways the $60.00 could not have come at a worse time.

Not to mention (but yes I will mention it anyways) I would have gladly gotten the town vehicle sticker and/or paid the fee for any said sticker if I had only been notified of any such ordinance!

Anyways, I guess in the winter I will get a fine for snow on the ground by our trailer?


Hey sorry I have not kept up with the Blog as much lately, though I will try to do more again soon!


Hello all!

Hey so I was just starting to get to where I felt I could really start writing some things that not only entertained myself…..but also that other people may and are interested in reading.  I thank each and every person who has been kind enough to take the time to read my blog.  Thanks!  So anyways my computer finally died, and while I do have the use of another computer…’s not the same as having my own computer as far as when I can get online to write or when I want to write or even when an idea just happens and I feel the desire to write about it.  I do not have a Smartphone, and if I could afford one I really would rather not even have one….I would carry around a small tablet if I needed the internet that badly (I have nothing against smart phones – I just have yet to see one that is worth it and works like its advertised to work).  Anyways even if I could afford and had a smart phone or tablet or both – so what!  I do my writing on a computer so for a while my posts may be few and far between.

Over the last few years when I have been able to write more, having had a computer or a computer at my disposal / granted yes I did not write much online then…….so its  a tad ironic I was really looking forward to doing so a lot more now and then ….. POW!  The computer (my Toshiba Laptop is dead).  It was over 5 years old, I had changed the HDD once and then it would not even turn on one day.  However I did get to back up at least most of the Data I had not long before the computer died…….so hey even if the data is meaningless at the moment at least I have it for when I do get another computer (most importantly lots of photos I could not replace).   So yeah once I do have another computer……I will back up those photos onto some DVDs and then back up the backups….. or I guess that would just be doing two physical backups anyways right? There is so much I plan to write about……with not having a computer of my own for a while…..I hope that not too much is lost with the posts being relevant to one another and if I ever get any comments…….I am NOT ignoring you if I do not reply to you right away (though here again I am not at my best either on that one even when I did have a computer of my own).   However I will try to do better with getting back to people should anyone comment on here or Facebook or Twitter, etc. as I can……and certainly more once I have a computer again though that won’t be for a while in all likelihood.  I know I have gotten some views on here, and I thank you all for that as well as thank you to those who have liked some of the posts I have made.  I usually do not post my Blog Postings on Facebook… least I have not done much of that / but I might start doing that a little more.  I just felt, and perhaps I still do a little that with all the utter garbage and rubbish on your Facebook newsfeeds I did not want to add to the clutter……….. I post these postings on Twitter, Google +, and Linked In (and now maybe Facebook too) – I can check or uncheck the option and of course if someone does not want to read the blog then don’t read my blog!  I try to not go over the top with Profanity here or write about a lot of things that are going to upset people.  However I am not a puppet for the Politically Correct sensitive emotions you may have inside.  I am sure to offend both Republicans and Democrats, and everyone else in some way at some time. However that would be because of my view or attitude on a subject likely challenging the accepted consensus of the masses.  I am going to express what I want to, when I want to, and how I want to.  However that (for me anyways) is not a license to use infinite lines of profanity laden and hate filled rhetoric.  I may spew rhetoric and even to some extent bloviate (as was said to me in an online comment exchange I had with someone). Anyways I am just one guy here alone in the digital equivalent of the largest desert ever known – the internet.  I am a Far Cry from maybe ever even being heard but I swill not give up ….. I will not surrender.  I will in time write about the things I want to read about!  This is not to live out an undiagnosed Narcissistic fantasy of some sort (a little maybe) but rather most of what I have written about so far besides my product reviews of course are things I have had a hard time finding  anything about online.

Such as Nintendo for example!  Yeah Time Magazine did a great piece on how the company nearly went Bankrupt with the Gamecube……but what are they doing now and why is there no information so easily found now about Nintendo and their state today?

There has been severe weather right here in my state of IL.

There are a lot of things going on in the world today and there will be tomorrow just as there was yesterday as well as before I was ever even here.

I am NOT saying that I am the be all and end all of news by any means.  If you want news there are countless websites as well as TV and Internet Radio and so on.  I am only here to write about things that I want to write about……some of which yes I have had a hard time finding information online about.  There will also be posts about other things, such as my light bulb post – but with my own spin and view.

I hope you continue to read the Blog, please subscribe and comment……thank you!

How do you like me now?

(The vast majority <if not all> of this post is based on my views and so on for these Video Game consoles as they relate to the retail and online markets of the USA.)

So a couple of years or so ago I wrote a brief something or other on what we can expect or look to from the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and I also briefly commented on the overall “Meh” debut for the Wii U.

Now let me bloviate on the Wii U for just a moment. I do not own one, but I have owned at least one of each of Nintendo’s prior systems. I am not playa hatin’ on Nintendo, but Nintendo has a history of completely idiotic marketing over the last few years……granted they did get lucky with the Wii though. However, my point is very simply underscored by the fact that Nintendo decided to call the system after what may have been their biggest success (the Wii at a minimum saved Nintendo from Bankruptcy) the Wii and call it a Wii U? I am sorry, but this is why the term WTF was invented. WTF Nintendo! Why could you not come up with a better name than Wii U? So sad.

However to Nintendo’s credit this is far from their biggest blunder. From what I have seen personally, as well as read, as well as just look at the fact the PS2 and Xbox offered online play………..
The near death (AKA Bankruptcy) of Nintendo may have very well occurred as a direct result of Nintendo deciding to not offer online play with the Gamecube while the PS2 and Xbox were offering online play.

To be technical the Gamecube did offer Network options (you could play someone in the same household on another TV if both of you had the special adapter, the same game and each had their own Gamecube -YAY!).
Also, to be fair to Nintendo there were a couple games you could play online on the Gamecube – but they were games that had very poor sales and most people (including myself) have/had no idea what they even were).

With some of the great Wrestling games on the Gamecube… would have thought there would be online play but in true Nintendo style no online play!
With Mario Kart Double Dash on the Gamecube……….NO ONLINE PLAY!

So Nintendo did make up for a lot of this with the way they handled the online play for the Wii……to a point. At some point last year they shut down the server for Mario Kart Wii Online! What? Yet on my PS3 I can go online right now and play someone in NCAA Football 12 (2012)…… a game that came out in 2011 and yet Nintendo cannot have Mario Kart Wii for Online Play any longer? WTF? True also that Nintendo would rather now have you buy a Wii U and play Mario Kart 8……OK I get it…..sure.
However I have also read several articles online in reference to Nintendo maybe being a little overly eager to release another console. To be fair to Nintendo, they have said they will not release another console until they fell that every Wii U owner is satisfies. Nintendo did not say (in any article I have read to date) how they would be able to determine how every Wii U owner was satisfied or if some Wii U owners would just be out of luck.

OK so with the Xbox One at first they only gave you the option to purchase the console for $500.00 – with a chunk of that being for the motion sensor camera thing. Now I will of course give Microsoft credit for later on in the Xbox One’s life cycle dropping the price all the way down to $350.00. The PS4
(without the camera) is currently selling for $400.00.
I have read quite a few articles that say this price drop is only temporary – that the Xbox One may in fact actually increase back to $500.00 forcing you to buy that stupid motion camera or even to $400.00 without the camera. I have also read that the price point of $350.00 for the base console (in some cases you may find bundles for that price or a game) is permanent and will not change in part because Microsoft is so far behind Sony in Market Share (I.e.: how many people own the console).

Sony on the other hand has not had any problem with selling the PS4 and has no plans currently to lower the price.

Nintendo should have lowered the price of the Wii U by now from $300.00 (even though yes the Deluxe model was $350.00 originally). I think if Nintendo drops the Wii U down to $200.00 (which won’t happen…but if they did) then you would see a surge in Demand for the console……and you would also force Microsoft and Sony to make price cuts as well on their consoles.

Nintendo still has free online play, while Microsoft has always had a fee you have to pay to have Xbox Live Gold so that you can play against other people online. Of course to be fair to Microsoft here as well as to be honest – Microsoft still offers the bets online experience for online play (because they have the best & most reliable network). Sony NOW has a pay network for online play…..and perhaps they were long overdue……the PS3 always left a lot to be desired as far as the quality of the network is concerned.

Personally if I was to buy one of the next gen consoles…..or I guess they are kind of current gen by now……I would get the Xbox One. The best network, & from what I have seen from all 3 consoles – the best overall gaming experience.
There is also a Steam console out by Alienware……but we will have to wait and see on that console…….I will be very surprised if its even around by Christmas…..possibly 2017 though that’s very unlikely.

There is so much more to write about……and I will of course address this sooner than another 2 years (or however long it has been since I last posted). There is one other option, for some people anyways! If you live anywhere near a Family Video – you can actually rent a console… I guess that or from a Rent A Center would be one way you could try out the console.

Of course you could also go out and by all 3 consoles, or one at a time ….. and keep them all or return the other 2 that you don’t like (though keep in mind if you buy any games separate for one of the consoles you plan on returning – you will not be able to return the game if it did not come with the console/ you can typically only exchange them for the same title if the game is defective). Your best bet on trying games on the console would be to just rent the games…..then go and buy them if you like them enough and are keeping the console, etc.

Now I am NOT necessarily advocating
That you go
out and buy a console and return it…….but how else can you try the console?

One other option would be if you are serious about purchasing one of the 3 consoles…..a Gamestop or Pawnshop may have a used console for you to test.

Anyways it just seems like the consoles are soooo expensive even though they cost the same or less than they did a few years ago.

These are just my thoughts about these consoles drifting through the winds of the internet………………..

A man in Chicago, Sam Baldwin’s (Tom Hanks), wife passes away and he starts to wonder if Chicago is still the place for him and his son to live. While Sam and his son Jonah (Ross Malinger) are trying to find what their next home and place in life might just be – there is someone else in search of something as well in Baltimore, MD.

Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) a writer lives in Baltimore, MD with her Fiancé Walter (Bill Pullman) and on the surface as well as to even herself is very happy but yet also seems to be lacking something, and in search of something. However while Annie is certainly looking and yearning for something more, she also has no idea what it is exactly that she may even be looking for!

Sam decides to start a new life, or rather a new chapter in both his and Jonah’s life in Seattle Washington….new home, new job, new everything except for he then starts to feel a need for something more as the new chapter of his life has just began.
Through a few things that may or may not just happen by chance at just maybe the right times – both Sam and Jonah, as well as of course Annie may find not just what they were looking for but a lot more than they ever could or would have dreamed of finding.

Now that’s my DVD or Blu-ray ‘cover’ portion of the review…..I wanted to try and capture the essence of what THIS movie is about without actually revealing anything about the movie. This movie is as I have been told, a re-telling or re-interpretation of “An Affair to Remember”. I have never seen that movie, and I may or may not ever see that movie, so, my review is based on as well as inspired by “Sleepless in Seattle”.

I attempted to capture the heart and soul of “Sleepless in Seattle” in my review and it was extremely difficult to do so (for me personally anyways) without giving away the plot or the entire movie for that matter.
This movie did come out in 1993 – so could I have been more liberal in my description of the characters and the plot? Perhaps, however I wanted to write a review with the idea it was being read by someone who had never seen the movie.

While the plot is not that complicated, and at points in the movie may even be predictable (or it may not be) that does not in any way take away from how great this movie is.

This movie is Tom Hanks at his finest, not too long before Forest Gump as well as Meg Ryan when she was still Meg Ryan.
I am sorry to bring it up, BUT Meg Ryan looks so different now it’s almost as if I have trouble even thinking of her as Meg Ryan. I am not picking on or making fun of Meg Ryan, rather I am making the point that she looks nothing like she did in “Sleepless In Seattle” and it is not just because she is older.

The *Blu-Ray’s (*Sleepless in Seattle ( Sleep less in Seattle ) [ Blu-Ray, Reg.A/B/C Import – Sweden) picture quality and sound quality compared to the DVD are so much better! The one gripe I have about this edition of the movie is the lack of special features compared to previous DVD releases of the film. However I really love this movie on Blu-Ray and plan to get a used DVD of the movie just so I can get all those special features. It would have been so nice if the special features had been included on or with this Blu-Ray! Or, what could have been done (as I have seen with other movies and even some video games before) is that you have the main title on Blu-Ray and then your special features are on a separate Blu-Ray or DVD (but included in the package with your Blu-Ray).

I see the movie is in stock, as of this writing on 3-25-2015. However at some point the movie will get harder to find as there were only so many Blu-Rays made. Of course if there is enough of a demand for the movie, there may be a major Blu-Ray release in the future… at the 30th anniversary mark in 2023 maybe? I do not get why such a film is not more widely available on Blu-Ray….far lesser and inferior films are on Blu-Ray…..just go into your local video store, Wal-Mart or Target and look at the Blu-Rays! Close to half of them are crap! And we cannot have “Sleepless in Seattle” more widely available on Blu-Ray? What’s up with that?

For most people, this is one to own! This is for sure one of those modern classic movies you cannot go wrong with!

(posted on 5-15-2014)

Mountain Dew Baja Blast is great! I hope it is not available for only a limited time in stores!

Why this is not a permanently available retail & grocery product I have NO idea whatsoever. On the can there is a Taco Bell Logo and a “for a limited time only” notice. I know the Product was only available exclusively at Taco Bell for some time. I can say that the Baja Blast I did try in the past at Taco Bell is no comparison to the pre packaged version. It was good, but the pre made stuff is far superior! I have no problems with Taco Bell at all – I just do not think this product should continue to be a Taco Bell exclusive product in the future.

A lot of times with Fast Food, there are many factors which can affect the taste of your soda. However, I cannot say for a fact of course that any of these possible factors would be why the Soda has tasted different when I have bought one at a Taco Bell.

I am not claiming Taco Bell has done anything wrong with Baja Blast – I am only saying that there is a noticeable difference in Taste between the Fast Food and Store Bought versions of the same product.

The store bought Baja Blast is the way this beverage should be experienced. Sure if you have a local Taco Bell in your area and there are no stores carrying this Soda at the moment you can get to – of course try one at Taco Bell! However the true deliciousness and yummy sensations of this drink both really come to life with the store bought version.
If you love Taco Bell, by all means get your food there if you’d like. However get your Baja Blast from the closest store that has it in stock if that’s possible.

Mountain Dew needs to make this a permanent retail and grocery product in the 12 pack cans, as well as offer a 24 pack can case ….. In addition to various other sizes such as 2 Liters, 20 oz. bottles, 24 oz cans, etc. – all as permanent items including also a Diet Baja Blast available in all the same sizes as the regular Baja Blast.
I am not saying this will replace Coke, Pepsi, or even RC Cola ……. But for when you want something a little different in your Soda right now there is no better choice that you could possibly make.
***** The current listed price on this page (as of this writing 05/15/2014) of $32.39 is WAY too high. Even the other lower prices are still too high! Do not pay this unless you live in a very remote area and have no other way to get the product! I have bought this 12 pack twice recently, once from a grocery store for $4.99 and once from a larger store for $4.49. I have also on 2 different occasions recently bought a 24 oz. can of Baja Blast for $1.50 each. I have also seen it for sale in 20 oz. bottles in a Soda Cooler for $1.69 each. I understand that this includes Free Shipping, and low cost shipping on a couple of the other sellers listings – however – you can get this product much cheaper locally. *****

One other note, as of 05/20/2014 one of my local retailers (possibly more, I just have only been to one lately) had the 12 pack cans of Baja Blast on sale for only $3.00.

As of 05/21/2014 I see that some of the sellers have done a lot with their prices on this product and that’s great! However unless you get free shipping the total purchase price is going to far exceed what you would pay even at regular retail prices.